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Are you looking for a Erotic massage with a little bit more?

Then Well, read on........
I am 26  year old  freelance boy , I am a Trained massager who loves giving pleasure through my soft and gifted hands. Upon your request i can come to your room or resort.
 i staying alone in a room close to the light house  beach , you can visit me in my room allso .
I Staying in kovalam beach ,

About me........

I am hot sexy .And ready to give every pleasure to girl which she wants..service for young beautiful aunties also So, mail me if u are looking for the same.

                Nationality: Indian
                Ethnicity: Indian 
                I can speak: English 
                Children: I do not have children       
                Smoke: I do not smoke 
               Drink: I do not drink
                Education:  Graduate
               Occupation: Employed 
                Email me   @  :-

My massage is Relaxing, full of  Teasing movements, Deeply RELAXING and increasingly STIMULATING...very much along the lines of foreplay!
For the duration of this naturist massage, you will be free to touch me as and where you please, and I will offer you amazing RELIEF towards the end.
The added BONUS is that I will also offer you oral pleasure! I am as good with my mouth as I am with my me!
Hygiene is paramount, as are mutual respect and discretion (you will be invited to shower thoroughly prior to your session).
I truly enjoy what I do and your pleasure/ satisfaction is my aim.
Hand relief  Oral pleasure .

Email me   @  :-

i will check my email time to time, so that i can reply you very soon


See you soon!


This massage is based on the tantric concept of love and respect offered to the female form. This massage is performed by the Male and is called the Yoni Massage.
Yoni is the sanskrit word for the vagina and the purpose of this massage is two fold:

1. provides pleasure for the woman
2. gives joy to the man who provides her with such pleasure

The Yoni massage is recommended to strengthen relationships. It does not seek to achieve anything apart from relaxation which itself reinforces the pleasure.
Before the Massage
A bath is a must before you start. The room must have low lighting and preferably soft music.
The woman lies down on a soft bed with pillows under her head, giving her the ability to not only look into her partner's eyes but also see the massage as it unfolds. The ideal position is for the woman to lie with her legs apart and slightly bent at the knees with maybe a couple of cushions under her hips for support. The man sits cross-legged between her legs. This position is important since it gives maximum access to his partner's Yoni. It is important that both the man and the woman breathe slowly and in tandem.
The Massage
Start off by slowly massaging the limbs - from top to bottom followed by the abdomen. This will start the relaxation for both.
Then take some oil (try using oil of good quality with a gentle fragrance. There are several available in the market). Pour a small amount of oil on the Yoni and allow the oil to spill over the entire area. Gently massage the mound and areas around the Yoni. Don't hurry. Just soak in the mood. Take the outer lip of the Yoni between the thumb and forefinger and lightly massage, moving on to inner lips after that. Maintain eye contact and breathe together. Conversation is distracting and should ideally be avoided.
Stroke the lips of the Yoni, moving on to the surrounding areas. The movement of massage may be either circular rhythmic strokes or an up and down movement, lightly squeezing the more sensitive parts of the anatomy. Arousal may happen but breathing slowly must be encouraged.

Next move finger into the Yoni and feel for the soft sensitive area know best as the "G" spot. Here too maintain the circular or up and down massage movement of the fingers. All these movements must be done very gently.
The receiver may experience many high points during the massage. But she must be kept focused on her breathing, especially as the high points increase in intensity. In Tantra, this is known as "Riding the Wave". Very slowly, very gently stop the massage and the woman may be held as she relaxes in the aftermath.

Kovalam erotic massage 
The added BONUS is that I will also offer you oral pleasure! I am as good with my mouth as I am with my me!

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